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Delaware Pet Stuff

We invite you to visit Pet Town, our exclusive daycare based pet retreat, where each pet plays all day and then spends bedtime in their own custom-built house or premium lodging.  Each lodging is equipped with the amenities of home to make your pets stay comfortable and stress free!


Our grooming salon offers a full range of services for dogs and cats.  Don't forget to request the Plum Facial, it is one of our specialties!


Our training classes utilize positive, gentle and fun training methods to encourage a healthy and safe bond between you and your pets.

Our Team

Sherri Mitchell



Training Coordinator


General Manager


Pet Care Coordinator

Eric- Primary Pet Care Counselor/ Facilities

Devyn- Jr. Groomer/ Bather

Matt- Pet Care Counselor

Cameron- Pet Care Counselor

Shae- Pet Care Counselor

Ellie- Pet Care Counselor

Cameron- Pet Care Counselor

Hayden- Pet Care Counselor

Kyleen- Pet Care Counselor (Seasonal)

Our Team
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