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Our philosophy:
Our training classes utilize positive, gentle and fun training methods to encourage a healthy and safe bond between you and your pets.

Group Courses and Workshops
Puppy Pre-School Workshop
A puppy’s personality begins to take shape between the age of 8 and 16 weeks.  Puppy pre-school is a great way for your puppy to start things off right!
  • Relationship forming games
  • Socialization with other dogs and new people
  • Canine health, including nutrition and grooming
  • Fun freebies including a nail trim, daycare and paw print painting
Vaccines: Veterinarians differ on their recommendations for how young puppies can start to interact with one another before they are fully vaccinated. We suggest that you speak to your veterinarian regarding their recommendation for your dog.
Minimum requirements:
  • Second round of vaccinations
  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Flea Free
Two hour workshop with goodies- $40

Basic Manners
This course is designed to teach the basics in obedience and manners for dogs 16 weeks or older. This course introduces: sit, down, watch, come, stay, leave it, loose-leash walking, anti jumping and wait.  Interested in having a Therapy Dog?  This is the place to start.  The class never expires so pets and owners are welcome to attend as many refresher sessions as needed to ensure your pup has learned these fundamentals.  We customize each session to the class participants so we can be sure to address any individual manner problems that your pup may be experiencing.  
Orientation and five working sessions- $125

About Town
Intermediate Manners (4 weeks)  
This course includes: sit, stay, loose-leash walking, wait, and distraction proofing. 

Dogs Behaving Badly
Impulse Control Workshop (1 week)
This course includes: sit, wait, anti jumping, and impulse control.

Total Recall
(3 weeks) 
This course includes: come, stay, and distraction proofing. 

(4 weeks)
This course includes: loose-leash walking, leave it, go for it, and distraction proofing.

Individual Counseling
We can customize an individual training regiment to meet you and your pets needs.Training locations may vary.  Want us to give your dog a refresher during daycare?  We can do that too!
Individualized plans, prices vary.

Common Counseling Issues:
Resource guarding, separation anxiety, handling issues, on-leash dog-dog reactivity, off-leash dog-dog aggression, stranger fear, demand and watchdog barking, submissive urination, house training

Problem with your feline friend?  Let us know and we can help.
Individualized plans, prices vary.

Day Training
Pressed for time but still want a well behaved pup?  Day Training might be the answer for you.  Drop your pup off to us and they will play and train in our facility.  We will individualize a plan to meet your needs including an initial consult, daily training session (typically 3 per day) and weekly transition sessions with your family.  We will be sure to schedule a follow-up session(s) as well to ensure long-term success.
Individualized plans, prices vary.

Other Stuff
Hound Hike
Meet each month for fun and obedience to work on leadership, focus, distraction and exercise.

Child Safety With Pets
Perfect for Scout and Kids Club activity.

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