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Wits & Wags is daycare with a focus on both mental stimulation and physical enrichment. Your pups day will be filled with activities such as Trick of the Month, Ball Pit Play, Scavenger Hunt, Splash Time, Puzzle Toys, Fit Paws and Canine Gym™, Snuffle Mats, and we won’t forget the classics such as Tug Time and Fetch.  Wits & Wags includes daily Report Cards with photos.

For Dogs: Potty break with petting, playtime, lunch, medications, fresh water, and lots of love!  
For Cats: Brushing, petting, playtime, feeding, medications, fresh water, litter box scooping, and lots of love and attention!
For Small Animals, Birds and Reptiles: Cleaning, feeding (frozen only feeding for snakes), freshening water, and any creature-specific tasks!
Home care: Mail and newspaper retrieval, alternating lights, and watering indoor plants in a centrally located area. Outdoor plant watering or extensive indoor plant watering may incur additional charges.
Transportation: Services include transportation for Pick-up and Drop-off for boarding reservations.(pricing varies, call for quote)

*Available locally Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. You will receive a report card at every visit. We are dedicated to giving your pets the best care around.

We start with an initial in-home consultation to evaluate your dog’s behavior, determine your priorities, and create a custom training plan to meet your needs. We then work with your dog, at our facility, to teach and practice the goals outlined in your custom plan. At the end of every week, we will meet with you for a private session to ensure you and your pet will be successful in transitioning what they have learned to your home. See requirements for participation.

We offer spa services to pamper even the most spoiled pets!  Try out our Pretty & Play Package for added fun, Conditioning Treatment, Nail Paw-lish, Flair Hair or even a temporary tattoo!
Pretty & Play Package
Play all morning, Primp in the afternoon. Your pup will go home feeling enriched from play, trimmed up and squeaky clean!
*Playgroup Evaluation required to participate in Pretty & Play
Flair Hair
Add a pop of color to your pets tail, or ears or go crazy and have your pet make a statement! We have a rainbow of permanent and temporary hair colors made just for dogs and stencils for any occasion! Pricing based on amount of flair chosen.

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