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Grooming Salon for Dogs and Cats

Dog Grooming Services

Keep your pup super soft and snuggly with our Full Service Bath & Brush. Maybe your pup is a fashionista and wants to run with the “best in show” crowd. Poodle trims and AKC trims are available too, or we can create a unique look that lets your pup stand out from the pack.

Full Service Grooming
Includes Premium Shampoos and Conditioners, a Blueberry Facial, Blow-out, brushing, Hair Cut, Ear Cleaning Nail Trim, Spritz and Bandanna.
Starting at $45 based on Breed, Coat Condition, Temperament and Style

Full Service Bath & Brush
Premium Shampoos and Conditioners, a Blueberry facial, Nail trim, Ear Cleaning, Spritz and Bandanna.
Small $15 Medium$20 Large $25-$30 XL $30-$35
*Bath & Brush pricing based on smooth coats and does not account for dematting, significant deshedding or scissor work.

Additional Dog Grooming Services
We offer spa services to pamper even the most spoiled pets!  Try out our Pretty & Play Package for added fun, Conditioning Treatment, Nail Paw-lish, Flair Hair or even a temporary tattoo!

Pretty & Play Package + $6
Play all morning, Primp in the afternoon. Your pup will go home feeling enriched from play, trimmed up and squeaky clean!
*Playgroup Evaluation required to participate in Pretty & Play
Flair Hair
Add a pop of color to your pets tail, or ears or go crazy and have your pet make a statement! We have a rainbow of permanent and temporary hair colors made just for dogs and stencils for any occasion! Pricing based on amount of flair chosen.
Nail Trim $5
Nail Trim with File and Ear Cleaning $10
Nail Trim with Paw Pad Conditioner and Paw-lish $15
Face Trim Starting at $5
Paw Trim Starting at $10
Sanitary Starting at $5

Cat Grooming Services

We specialize in cats! Our professionally trained cat groomers utilize a two person team approach that emphasize feline specific techniques and safety. Although your cat does their best to keep up with their coat, a good bath can go a long way. It helps prevent hairballs too!  We offer matt removal, de-shedding treatments, Lion Trims and more. We are proud members of The National Cat Groomers Institute and the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

Cat Bath Starting at $25
Two Shampoos, Blow-Out, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim and Sanitary Shave.

Standard Lion Trim Starting at $65
Body shave with Lion Mane, Boots, choice of Pom/Half/Full Tail

Deluxe Lion Trim Starting at $85
Body shave with Lion Mane, Boots, choice of Pom/Half/Full Tail, Two shampoos, Blow-out, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim.

Additional Cat Grooming Services
Nail Trim $5
Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning $8
Soft Claws $10 Half Set $20 Full Set - Please do not trim claws prior to appointment.
Sanitary Shave Starting at $5
Belly Smoothie & Sanitary Shave Starting at $15

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